The Oglesby Charitable Trust

The Oglesby Charitable Trust (OCT) was established in 1992, but only became active in the early 2000’s, since which time it has supported over 250 charities and has given approximately £7 million.

The Trust was originally founded by Jean and Michael Oglesby but, more recently, they have been joined by their daughter, Kate Vokes and their daughter-in-law, Jane Oglesby and involvement has already started with the next generation of the Family.

Funding of the Trust has been possible because of the Family’s ownership of the Bruntwood Group of Companies, which it founded in 1977. The Trust was set up to support activities in the North West of England to further the well-being of the Region and its people through a very wide range of activities which include the Arts, Education, Environment, Medical Research and the improvement of the lives of people who have been marginalised in society.

Since its inception the principal activities of the OCT have remained focussed in the North of England, although the geographic area has widened to include projects outside both the North West and the UK.