'Q&Q' at the RCOG 2018

2 March 2018

On Friday 2nd March, ‘Q&Q’ was performed in London at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG), Regents Park, as part of their International Women’s Day event, whose theme was ‘Women affected by conflict: the role of health professionals’.

Across the day, the RCOG hosted presentations and discussions from a range of speakers and organisations, and ‘Q&Q’ by Liwaa Yazji (Syria) was performed during an afternoon of workshops centred on strategies for healthcare workers caring for vulnerable women, and advocacy for them on a national and global level. Workshop coordinator Dr Rosie Townsend (of the RCOG Global Health Trainees Committee) said, ‘the play was extremely well received, and the main response was how valuable it was to focus on the women’s voices during a day that in other sessions focussed on policy and programme development. Many of the speakers during the day have spent years working to improve healthcare for women caught up in conflict, and the play provided a connection to the humanity and individual stories of these women that helped centre them in the discussion of policy and campaigning strategies afterwards.’

Q&Q’ was performed as a rehearsed read through and the cast were Mona Khalili, Şerin Ibrahim, Gamze Seber, Angela Christofilou and Sasha Nemeckova; the actors were directed by Helen Broughton.

'Q&Q' and the other B!RTH plays are available to download free for use by organisations around the world; if you’re inspired to use the plays, get in touch for more information and support.