My son was born in our front bedroom in our terraced house

Where did you give birth or where was the birth you witnessed?


Can you describe where your/the birth was?

My son was born in our front bedroom in our terraced house. I’d hoped for him to be born in water but he arrived too quickly.

Who was present at your/the birth?

My partner and our midwife

Can you describe the experience of giving birth or watching the birth?

When I found out that I was pregnant home birth was always at the back of my mind but I thought as a first time mama it probably wouldn’t be possible for me. Then on our first midwife appointment our brilliant midwife offered it as a birthing option just like any other. Her confidence and positivity absolutely normalised the idea for us and, after some discussion, my partner and I agreed that homebirth was the way we would like to have our baby.

Through our midwife’s support I was lucky enough to birth my son naturally in our bedroom at home. A truly magical and empowering experience that I will always be grateful to her for. Our son arrived so quickly that he was there before the second midwife had arrived! Once he was born the midwives stayed for a couple of hours, then they left and it was just us together in our house. It was so surreal that when my partner came home from work because my waters had broken a matter of hours before we had been two, and now we were three.

Being at home for the duration gave me an immense sense of nesting and that felt so natural and normal. We didn’t have to move anywhere and for the first 36 hours we all cuddled up in the bedroom together getting to know each other. This sense of calm and continuity was something I had really hoped for and, despite the tiredness and the undeniable upheaval that comes with a new born, it was a blissful, special time.