I felt helpless

Where did you give birth or where was the birth you witnessed?

Salford, Manchester

Can you describe where your/the birth was?

I started getting pains at home so rushed to hospital. Previous week I had surgery for TTTS. I waited in a small curtained cubicle and was seen by nurse/midwife who said no one was available. I had history of quick births so you would have thought I was a priority. I was alone with my husband for an hour and then contractions started. I was eventually taken into a room in labour ward where I was basically left to give birth. I presume a midwife was there. I gave birth to my identical twin girls. Amy survived 10 minutes but Evie was stillborn.

Who was present at your/the birth?

My husband

Can you describe the experience of giving birth or watching the birth?

I knew something was wrong as I’d had successful surgery for TTTS and was only 5 months gone. Labour had come to early.

I felt helpless.

I couldn’t stop the labour but knew if i gave birth they wouldn’t help my babies as they were too young.

To know that you have no choice and that my babies weren’t going to be helped was awful.

I gave birth to Amy and she was taken away until I gave birth to Evie. There was no crying from the twins but they were mine.

I held them in my arms for as long as I could.