B!RTH is a global theatrical project developed by the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester and The Oglesby Charitable Trust to provoke debate on a global scale and question one of the key issues of our time, the vast inequality in healthcare across the world.

The Royal Exchange Theatre has commissioned seven leading female playwrights from across the globe (Brazil, China, India, Kenya, Syria, UK and USA) to explore this issue through their country’s approach to childbirth.

These plays are currently available for charities, NGOs and educational organisations to use as tools in classrooms, lectures, conferences and communities settings to raise awareness, encourage debate and share knowledge. Please fill in your information in the short form in the right hand column to receive the plays.

Emma Callander, co-Artistic Director of the global theatre movement Theatre Uncut, is the Creative Director for B!RTH.

B!RTH is a creative partnership between The Oglesby Charitable Trust and the Royal Exchange Theatre.

“Each year, millions of women and children die from preventable causes. These are not mere statistics. They are people with names and faces.”

– United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon


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